There are many general contractors to choose from, with different abilities and competencies and of various sizes and strengths.  United Contractors stands out for a number of reasons worth noting.  We are a strong, mid-size company with all of the capabilities of a large company, combined with the personal interactions and accessibility of a smaller firm.    

Proven Experience

United Contractors has been in business since 2004, with significant growth each year.  We have established ourselves as a leader in automotive dealership construction, tenant improvements and commercial projects.  We have established a niche in these areas and continue to expand our experience and knowledge base as we successfully construct these types of projects.

Strong Relationships with Subcontractors

United Contractors has long held the belief that our project subcontracting teams are only as strong as our weakest member.  Our constant team building effort starts with a corporate philosophy where we work with our partner subcontractors and their companies to develop the very best of class.  In this constant effort, we have developed long lasting relationships based on trust and confidence.

Financial Stability

United Contractors operates as a “Cash Basis Company” where no outstanding debt or revolving credit is required for our current and ongoing operations.  All of our fixed and personal assets related to our business are free and clear of any encumbrance.

Safety Record

United Contractors is committed to safety and to each worker on every one of our projects returning to their homes safely each day.  Safety is and will always remain the single most important aspect of our business.  It is more than a priority or goal.  Safety is an inherent value that requires immediate action, response and care. Our record reflects this and indicates our commitment to providing a comprehensive safety culture on each of our jobsites.

Repeat Clients

United Contractors is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with innovative and unique clients that have proven to be not just customers, but true partners throughout the construction process.  We truly believe that our success is a direct reflection of the quality of our client base.  We treat each client with the fairness and respect that they deserve, and repeat clients make up the majority of our work.